allows you to view on the map the current location of the GPS tracker as well as its movement route and speed in real time and over selected time interval.

With the help of the system you can easily track your car, cargo, your children or even pets.

A GPS tracker transmits data to the server in real time or over selected time interval. The data is stored and can be analyzed at any time with the help of the internet browser. You can view a moving target on the map in real time.

You can trace back the movement, speed, direction, etc. of the target in the past over selected time period.

The tracking data is displayed on the Google maps notable for their high level of accuracy. You can select the type of display between topographical maps and satellite photos.

How could be of use to you? Here are a few possible applications: system is being regularly updated, and we would be glad to receive any comments or proposals from you. Please find our contacts here Contacts.


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GPS Seklys
diMag DM-22 - for professionals

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GPS Seklys
diMag STC-202

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